A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Welcome to Corp La Beouf!

We are team Romb and we present you our evil corporation simulator!


Please read the description to understand and enjoy the game to the fullest!


You take the role of an evil manager who needs to MOTIVATE the employees in order to earn money and not bankrupt as long as possible

While time passess your employees will tend to stop being productive and just 'doing it', and turn their colour to black. That's when you come in! Shout at them to boost their productivity and generate your profits! But remember, your generous efforts at motivation come at a price - the employees will get a little bit stressed by the powerful shouts you make. When their stress reaches their limits... they tend to leave work quickly. And you need them to pay your daily expenses!

Some employees might sometimes go to sleep. That's also where you come in! Charge at them in order to hit them so they wake up! But remember - hitting, slapping or smashing your poor not-asleep workers may slightly stress them out. It motivates them a little bit though. You know, violence is the best motivator.



Work cannot be efficient without a printer! Of course they tend to stop working. Or just turn straight up evil and shoot pieces of papers everywhere and stress your employees. To fix it, just use the classic 'punch it till it drops' solution.


Sometimes you may get a phonecall. You may just ignore it, but it gives you a small money penalty if you do. Ignoring your clients never seemed like a good deal. If you decide to pick it up - blabbing about some corporate business nets really nice some profits so watch for these phonecalls! If you are fast enough to reach the phone that is. Yes, we didn't think of a cellphone.


You move your character using WASD and shout nice phrases which motivate them to work by holding SPACEBAR and releasing it in the right moment to get the right area of influence for the shout. The shouting has a small cooldown so you don't get your throat sore or stress your employees too fast.


  • Amazingly big thanks to Dawid W. Mika for providing us with awesome music for our game! Check out other of his works here: https://soundcloud.com/dawidwmika Seriously, this guy is amazing!
  • Thanks to other jammers for a huuuge boost of inspiration and great time spent together
  • Thanks to the organizers of Slavic Game Jam for our best experience so far in 2015, expect us next year!


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linux.rar 23 MB

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